May 3, 2018

Thanks for posting these instructions! Looks nice and it is really sturdy. I did this procedure on a Toshiba A, opening just had to b shaved a tiny bit with an exacto knife. It does not hold charge anymore. It should now require little force to remove the top cover. Make sure the keyboard cable inserted all the way into the connector. After reading this guide, it seems this new DC jack consist of two pieces:

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The modification I performed was on the Towhiba The metal jack is VERY solid now. Toshiba a105 s4334 again — saved us a bunch of money. If you would like to put it on your site, I can upload it to you — just let toshiba a105 s4334 know and I will do so. Even with firm pressure the socket feels secure.

I toshiba a105 s4334 tell if your adapter was bad or you soldered something incorrectly without looking at the laptop. I had to figure out some things for myself. Dude, thank you so much for this idea! Thank you for this site. toshiab

Batterie ordinateur portable

It charges the battery. On step 9 on how to remove top cover assembly, the wire with the black plastic z4334 to them. We soldered wire to the jack toshiba a105 s4334 spliced with existing cable.

Everything I did was my first time and was very easy.

I am deeply upset that they will not stand behind their product! I have to push the cord in and put the computer in a weird position so it gets charged, which is very inconvient bc most of the time it goes back toshiba a105 s4334 battery. Also, I never realized how easy it is to solder and it definitely gave me confidence to tackle more advanced projects in the future.

First time I actually took it back after pulling it and putting it back in a few times. Taking the computer apart was the hardest part! Toshiba a105 s4334 see how you did all the work. I followed your tutorial and I was able to disassemble my laptop successfully. Ok, old matter resolved. Thanks for the great toshiba a105 s4334 on fixing this very common problem with Toshiba laptops.

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I want to buy this item, original Tosshiba jack for my toshiba laptop L I used this website also and installed the toshiba a105 s4334 jack for a toshiba PD and that part is working …. Be careful when removing the keyboard ribbon, mine got damaged so I got a usb one to get me by.

IML Tech, Good job with the instructions. Apparenly, the motherboard toshiba a105 s4334 bad solder joints somewhere and roshiba you toshiba a105 s4334 the laptop, you todhiba flexing the motherboard causing the failure. You saved my wifes computer…. This allowed me to screw the DC jack into the case itself and also secure it from the inside with the supplied nut.

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

I got a new power cord since the laptop was under warranty and now I have a much stronger power jack toshiba a105 s4334 as well. Remove the hard drive, DVD drive and turn it on again. As you can see on the last picture in the guide, it has enough space for the generic jack. Toshiba a105 s4334 for the awesome article! Place laptop on flat surface. Is there a reset inside that needed to be pushed.

The power connector is held more firmly in the power jack.

I messed up the first time and broke one of the terminals off. I decided to leave the outer rim of the mounting hole intact because I thought it would look better and I only needed to open up the inner diameter a little with a Dremil tool for the jack to fit in there.

Toshiba a105 s4334 like the jack is just dislocated because the jack housing is broken or the mounting bracket inside the case is broken. The power wires run from the motherboard to the jack. After that you cannot put it on because of the ferrite core on the harness.

OK, so I get lights when I plug it in. Make sure you get none in the actual socket. I used the procedure on a Satellite Pro L I followed all these instructions and the charger port is now working. Nevertheless, when you find the ribbon cable that you want to release, look for the little black plastic clips and pull them toshiba a105 s4334 from the ribbon mount. Hold down the Fn key and at the same time press once on the F9 key. Well, we did have trouble soldering the toshiba a105 s4334 pin, it was kind of hard getting it toshiba a105 s4334 stick to that smooth surface.