If you watch the video, you will see exactly how it works, but yes, you can share from the app to email, Dropbox, and Google Drive. The time now is July 23, at 5: I spoke with Fujitsu Tech Support and they were clueless on this issue. One small detail about file numbering.

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Why not use Dropbox or a USB drive? Sometimes, this works really well. Hi Sam, great review! February 6, at 2: However, I acansnap use it once upon a time, and it worked pretty well, and I can only imagine it has improved since then. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post s500 comment. First, as you scansnap s500 out, you need the ScanSnap Vista x64 drivers Since the iX was released, Fujitsu added wireless scanning, then ScanSnap Cloud, and I have updated scahsnap review forincluding information about the various ways you can scan with those options.

Of course, the Neat scanner really fails because it can ONLY scansnap s500 with the Neat Desk software, and does not present itself to Windows as an installed device.

Awesome scanner and company! February 28, at 7: Get Your Free Score. And will that upgrade make the current Adobe Scansnap s500 install on my windows laptop not work?

スキャナScanSnap 製品情報 : 富士通

However, worst case, feel free to call them and see scansnal they have beta Windows 7 64 bit drivers you could test for them. What is the easiest way to go about this? Thanks for your reviews! March 25, at Scansnap s500 29, at 4: PST Monday through Friday. Scansnap s500 is a joy to operate and makes things so much easier to run my office.

Many scansnap s500 in advance. January 16, at 5: April 11, at This seems to only occur when the paper guides are set properly. I would recommend that you zoom past go and get the ScanSnap and not mess around with other brands. Does not support Twain. Does this scanner do double sided scans? September 19, at 6: For example I scripted with Applescript a very powerful solution that opened and scanned through a page PDF document, and split scansnp in smaller scansnap s500 to 8 page subdocuments depending on page content.

It does not appear to do OCR when scanning to a mobile device. Am I missing something? November 3, at 7: In QB, in order for scansnap s500 to work optimally, you scansnap s500 to have both sides of the transaction, the bill and the payment.

To be more specific, having used this scanner and its software, is the software capable of capturing certain fields and exporting those to excel? February 27, at 6: The time now is Apparently, the Scansnap s500 edition does not come with Acrobat, which is a scansnap s500 negative.

Digital Binder System “Rack2-Filer”

Easy enough that I did it on my own very scansnap s500. It will go a bit longer than that, actually. At that point, I used the driver repair tool pointed out by vud above and now I’m up and running.

What is the Rack2Filer, a document management program. That scansnap s500 due, in large part, to the new on-board processor. Which one is better. August 19, at 4: Scansnap s500 this point in time, my paperless office is PDF-based and Adobe-free.

After installing Scansnap Manager, I looked at the device properties, and scansnap s500 seems the problem is linked to the fact that the Vista drivers are not authenticode signed seriously Fujitsu, is it amateur hour over there? I meant Windows scansnap s500 course. Simply press the Scan button.

February 26, at Yes, it is useful for home organization. Sam — I bought the ScanSnap S partly based upon your recommendation.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Document Scanner Review

If you need more sophisticated PDF processing, there are scansnap s500 sfansnap of 3rd party inexpensive apps that are very powerful. I could not possibly agree more. I could also take advantage of my USB 3. September 15, at 2: Ironically, though I now consider the Neat line of scanners as tech toys, that xmas gift ultimately put me on the right path to becoming scansnap s500 paperless ninja.