In addition to a system identifier, an external identifier may include a public identifier. Like the internal subset, the external subset and any external parameter entities referenced in a DeclSep MUST consist of a series of complete markup declarations of the types allowed by the non-terminal symbol markupdecl , interspersed with white space or parameter-entity references. Characters in the compatibility area i. It is a fatal error for a TextDecl to occur other than at the beginning of an external entity. A markup declaration is an element type declaration , an attribute-list declaration , an entity declaration , or a notation declaration. Comments may appear anywhere in a document outside other markup ; in addition, they may appear within the document type declaration at places allowed by the grammar. While they are not required to check the document for validity, they are REQUIRED to process all the declarations they read in the internal DTD subset and in any parameter entity that they read, up to the first reference to a parameter entity that they do not read; that is to say, they MUST use the information in those declarations to normalize attribute values, include the replacement text of internal entities, and supply default attribute values.

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S white space consists of one or more space x20 characters, carriage returns, line feeds, or tabs. For interoperability, valid documents SHOULD declare the entities ampltgtapos lexmark x1165, quotin the form specified lexmark x1165 4. A special attribute lexmark x1165 xml: Applications may ignore or reject erroneous values.

The document type declaration MUST appear before the first element in the document. P is referred to as the parent of Cand C as a child of P.

lexmark x1165 Since the replacement text is not rescanned, the reference to parameter entity ” zz ” is not recognized. Lexmark x1165 specification does not constrain lex,ark application semantics, use, or beyond syntax names of the element types and attributes, except that names beginning with a match to ‘X’ ‘x’ ‘M’ ‘m’ ‘L’ ‘l’ lexmadk reserved for standardization in this or future versions of this specification.

It is a fatal error if an XML entity is determined via default, encoding declaration, or higher-level protocol lexmark x1165 be in a certain encoding but contains byte sequences that are not legal in that encoding. An element type declaration takes the form: For more information, see E Deterministic Content Models. If the entity lexmark x1165 external, and the lexmagk is not attempting to validate the XML document, the processor MAYbut need not, include the entity’s replacement text.

Such references MUST be contained entirely within the literal entity value. It is not an error, however, for XML documents to declare and refer lxemark notations for which notation-specific applications are not available on the system where the XML processor or application is running. When a general lexmark x1165 reference appears in the EntityValue in an entity declaration, it MUST be bypassed and left as is.

Lexmark x1165 external subset and external parameter entities also differ from the internal subset in that in them, parameter-entity references are permitted within markup declarations, not only between markup declarations. Attribute specifications MUST NOT appear outside of start-tags and empty-element tags ; thus, the productions used to recognize them appear in 3. In addition, the terms defined in the following list are used in building those definitions and in describing the actions of an XML processor:.

In these cases the lexmark x1165 of the parser with respect to reporting such information to the application is undefined. Of content and lexmark x1165 models: Lexmaark an entity reference appears in an attribute value, or a parameter entity reference lexmaark in a literal entity lexmark x1165, its replacement text MUST be processed in place of the reference itself as though it were part of the lexmaro at the location the reference was recognized, except that a single or double quote character in the replacement text MUST always be treated as a normal data lexmark x1165 and MUST NOT terminate the literal.

The Name – AttValue pairs are referred to as the attribute specifications of the element], [ Definition: That is, the default value of an attribute: Notation lexmark x1165 provide a name lexmarl the notation, for use lexmark x1165 entity and attribute-list declarations lexark in attribute specifications, and an external identifier for the notation which may allow an XML processor or its client application to locate a helper application capable of processing data in the given notation.

The following characters are treated lexmark x1165 name-start characters rather than name characters, because the lexmark x1165 file classifies them as Alphabetic: A document begins in a “root” or document entity. The productions later in this specification for individual nonterminals elementdeclAttlistDecland so on describe the declarations after all the parameter entities have lexmwrk included.

The Name in the start- and end-tags gives the element’s type.

Extensible Markup Language (XML) (Fourth Edition)

Parsed data is lexmark x1165 up of characterssome of which form character dataand some of which form markup. Productions 33 through 38 have been removed. CDATA sections cannot nest.

B Character Classes Following the characteristics defined in the Unicode standard, characters are classed as base characters among others, these contain the alphabetic characters of the Latin alphabetideographic characters, and combining characters among others, this class contains most diacritics.

The mechanism for encoding character code points into bit patterns lexmark x1165 vary from entity to entity. XML documents should be human-legible and reasonably clear. In the document entitylexmark x1165 encoding declaration is part of the XML declaration.

Certain well-formedness errors, specifically those that require reading external entities, lexmark x1165 fail to be detected by a non-validating processor.

Standalone Document Lexmark x1165 The standalone document declaration MUST have the value “no” if any external markup x1615 contain declarations of: This rule is based on the recognition that the automatic inclusion provided by the SGML and XML entity mechanism, primarily designed to support modularity in authoring, is not necessarily appropriate for other applications, in particular document lexmark x1165. This declared intent is considered to apply to all elements within the content of the element where it is specified, unless overridden with another instance of the xml: However, portions of the contents of the external lexmark x1165 or of these external parameter entities may conditionally be ignored by using the conditional section construct; this is not allowed in the internal subset but is allowed in external parameter entities referenced in the internal subset.

There are two lexmrk of enumerated attribute types:. HTTP or MIMEit is a fatal error for an entity including lfxmark encoding declaration to be presented to the XML processor in lexmarj encoding other than that named in the declaration, or for an entity which begins with neither a Byte Order Mark nor an encoding declaration to use an encoding other than UTF For each character, entity reference, or character reference in the unnormalized attribute value, lexmark x1165 with the first and continuing to lexmark x1165 last, do the following:.

Notation Declared] If the Ledmark is present, this is a general unparsed entity ; otherwise it is a parsed entity. Similarly, the names of unparsed entities are not recognized except when they appear in the value of an appropriately declared attribute. Attribute-list declarations specify the name, data type, and default value if lexmark x1165 of each attribute associated with a given element type: The end of every element that begins with a start-tag MUST lexmark x1165 marked by an end-tag containing a name that echoes the element’s type as given in the lexmark x1165 Literal data is any quoted string not containing the quotation mark lexmark x1165 as lexmark x1165 delimiter for that string.

When multiple sources of information are available, lexmrk relative priority and the preferred method of handling conflict should be specified as part of lexmarrk higher-level protocol used to deliver XML.

This has two effects that may be important to users of XML processors:.