If pressing Control-F5 works, then it is very likely to be the case. Router Mode Settings can change the management port n umber. Then from the above screen enter the path and filename of the firmware file or click Browse to locate the firmware file. Conversely, and bit are the same. General Wireless Functions This section will explain the general wireless functions. Feature Specification Support Ordering Information.

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AC filter airlive wl-5460ap v2 filter out v22 from certain MAC addresses. It is recommended that this value does not deviate from the default too much. Security settings allow you to use encryption to secure your data from eavesdropping. WEP Encryption is the oldest and most available encryption method. For explanation on each different operation mode, please read Chapter 1 section 1.

Password Settings, Wireless Scheduling 6. Please set the wireless mode to ” If you want to supply the power by using Passive PoE, please follow the installation diagram below. The system will wl-5460p up to total of 8 bridges in a WDS network by daisy chain.

Air3G uses 12V passive PoE airlive wl-5460ap v2.


Please click on “Remote Management” setup button. If you use high gain omni antenna and high power setting in near distance, the signal will interfere to each other. Page 2 Airlive wl-5460ap v2 product contains some codes from GPL.

If not, it will ask you to modify the setting. Airlive wl-5460ap v2, if there are more than one wireless network in your area or you want to change to AdHoc mode. Each Ethernet device has its own unique address.

Whether the wireless client is using power saving mode and the signal strength level airlive wl-5460ap v2 percentage from 0 to Page 29 Wireless Modes Wireless Settings: Client Mode Infrastructure and Adhoc mode. What is the problem? Click Submit to save the configuration.

WL-5460AP v2

Also, remember to adjust the antenna; usually the higher the antenna is placed; the better will be the performance. When my AP is airluve in airlive wl-5460ap v2 outdoor area with a lot of 2. It is not recommended to use AdHOC except for small environment.

The default airlive wl-5460ap v2 Disabled. Watchdog The Ping Watchdog will ping remote IP addresses to make sure the wireless connection is active, if not, it will reboot.

The default password is airlive. A layer-4 network protocol for transmitting data that does not require acknowledgement from the recipient of the data.

When I try to use web management. Podstawa to konfiguracja jako Access Point AP.

Supported Routers | Simple Port Forwarding™

What should be the airlive wl-5460ap v2 for this, our setup from our source AP was IP authenticated. You can test this syndrome by pressing “Control-F5” to let the webpage reload airlive wl-5460ap v2 you can access the website.

Please make sure you have connected the PoE cable to the correct port on Answer: When using POE kits, please use the 12V version. Please enter the G2 address without airlive wl-5460ap v2 colon aurlive “: Page 77 Address Type: Only logs related to the DoS protection will be recorded. Show mobile version Show airlive wl-5460ap v2 version. Not all functions are available in every wireless mode. However, we recommend you to read through the entire manual before you start.

Conversely, and bit are the same. Cards communicate directly with each other. Wl-5460al other method is to wl-546ap a text and let the computer generate the WEP key for you. Please go to www. Radius typically uses port and port for authentication and accounting port. By default, the DHCP server is on. My browser ask me for Username, what is it? Only functions that are applicable to the wireless mode will show to simplify configuration.

Now Computer A should be able to connect with Computer B. Please install the antennas by turning clock wise into the RF antenna connectors airlive wl-5460ap v2.

I have tried to upgrade the WLAP to the 3rd party firmware. Wisp Router Mode 1. Airlive wl-5460ap v2 Of Contents 5. Please follow the instruction below to extend. I was configuring AirLive In this case, AP2 connect to AP1 airlige a wireless card.